Pran Information TabEdit

Types of Prans: Air (Evasion), Water (Defense), Fire (Attack)

Initial Pran QuestEdit

Level Obtainable: 7

Starting Quest Giver: Captain Cromwell at the Flourmill

Quest Flow List

1) Talk to Captain Cromwell at the Flourmill.

2) Talk to the female NPC in charge of the Pran Station.

3) Collect Grade A Meat from Breeding Boars, Lilac Oil from Fierce Munta Kubari and Pungent Cheese Bread from Anxious Mogun.

Tip: Read your quest log to find out what are the mobs you need to kill in order to collect the necessary materials to summon your Pran. You can also obtain the Essences you need from trading, buying from other players, or utilizing the Auction House in Regenshein.

Evolving your PranEdit

Fairy: Your Pran starts out as a fairy.

Child: Level 5 Pran and completion of quest given by Theletar Bariel in Regenshein.

Teenager: Level 20 Pran and completion of quest given by Theletar Barien in Regenshein.

Styling your PranEdit

In he Commercial District of Regenshein, there are two NPC's that will help you style your Pran. A visit to the hair stylist will sell different hair styles for 1000 coins. The fashion seller sells various fashion items for your prans from glasses to clothing and wings! These will be much more costly.

Devotion and Casting of Pran BuffsEdit

Devotion % relates to the chance of your Pran casting her buff when asked to. A higher devotion means a better chance to successfully gain the Pran's buff skill. Your Pran will automatically start the conversation and will tell you she wants to talk to you.

The rate at which she starts a conversation seems to be once every hour or two, and triggered at certain quest points. And depending on the answers, you would either increase your Pran's Devotion % or not at all.

Devotion% is dramatically lowered when you ignore the pran or do not feed it or to get infamy points due to killing people of your own nation, so be careful.

To request a buff from your pran, simply go into her skill window and drag the non-passive skills to her spell bar. Then right click the desired buff to cast. Passive spells cannot be casted.

Feeding Your PranEdit

Unlike Aitain, who only have health and mana to worry about, Pran need to eat!

Apples raise the red "Hunger" % by 2-3.

Sweet Pumpkin Pies raise it by 8.

Boar Lasagna raises it by 13

Mushroom Saute raises it by 40%

Caelium Chip Cookies raise the red bar by 20%.