Modification DisclaimerEdit

1) Modification of game files is generally against the rules of any MMORPG.

2) gPotato does not endorse modifications of the game client. The post can be found here.

3) Should you decide to continue with the modification of your game files, you do so at your own risk, and neither gPotato or should be held responsible for any consequences you might face.

Technical Support IssuesEdit

1) gPotato will MOST likely NOT provide any technical support if you should choose to modify your game files.

2) will not provide technical support if you should choose to modify your game files.

3) will also not be held responsible should the modification of your game files corrupt/interrupt your Operating System/Games/Programs.

4) Users who download any files provided here should take their own PC Safety precautions.

5) will not be held responsible for the anti-viral scanning of the files.

6) Anyone who suspects that any of the files here are of malicious nature should contact immediately with valid and substantiated proof.

Download LinksEdit

[Japanese Sound Files]

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